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2nd month weigh in...

Hey everyone,

Back from my 2 month weigh in. It was a bad month for me cause i have been stressed and i sorta backed off on working out for 2 weeks of the 4. But i still lost so im happy.

Heres the run down:

Bust- was 49.5 now 50.0 +.5
Waist- was 44.0 now 44.5 +.5
Abdomen- was 56.5 now 57.0 +.5
Hips- was 55.0 now 55.0 0
Thighs- was 32.5 now 30.5 -2
Arms- was 15.75 now 15.75 0

Weight- was 272.0 now 268.25 lost 3.75
Body Fat- was 47.10% now 46.8% now -0.30%

I think the reason for the gain in inches in just the upper body is the fact that im pmsing and bloating. Didnt realize that till she had started the measurements. But im still impressed by the fact that i lost any. I figured i would have gained this month.


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