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First post

I thought I would stop in and say "Hello ladies". I started Curves just under a month ago and I can already feel the difference in myself :D. My energy and motivation has increased immensely since I started working out, something I've needed for a while now. My first weigh in is the 19th and I'm really hoping that the inches I feel gone are real and not just my imagination.

My beginning weigh in:
Bust - 37
Waist - 33 3/4
Abdomen - 41
Hips - 42 1/4
Thighs - 22 1/4
Calves - 15 1/2
Arms - 12
Weight - 166
Height - 5'3"
Body fat % - 30.2

My first goal requires me to lose 17 1/2 inches and 26 pounds.

Our circle has the 3 pound weighted hula hoops, so I picked one up last week and did it for 5 minutes... the end result is a bruise across my left side that is still there. I have been considering getting one of those thermal belt things that they sell for $10 to see if that would help lessen the impact.

Another note, about the same time as I joined Curves, I completely cut soda out of my diet, so I'm sure that will have some effect on how many inches/pounds I end up losing in the long run :D.
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